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While you were sleeping... [Aug. 12th, 2005|10:37 am]

Alrighty, Politivate has taken a deprioritised position in many of the key participants minds, but while we're away other people are doing stuff that we can only condone:

Dear GetUp member,

Thanks for being there at the beginning of a new movement to build a more progressive Australia .

Because of you, something exciting happened in our democracy last week. From every corner of the country, more than 20,000 emails were sent to the Coalition Senators. Our message was simple: now you have control of the Senate, we will be holding you to account. Thousands of you added personal messages to your representatives about the issues you care about.


The Government's response to this outbreak of political participation was anything but democratic. Coalition MP and key strategist Andrew Robb appeared on national television to condemn the emails you sent to your elected representatives as "highly irresponsible" and "spam". Coalition MP Tony Smith called your messages an "email scam". And Senator Eric Abetz was so upset he complained to the Australian Electoral Commission!

This government is already rattled. But our work has only just begun. This morning Senator Robert Hill announced that the Government plans to roll back the Senate budget estimates process, which plays a crucial role in exposing government bungles and cover-ups.

The traditional checks and balances in our parliamentary process are under threat, and we know the other political parties are incapable of a strong or effective opposition. If this government is going to be held accountable, GetUp needs to grow in strength and numbers - and we need your help to do this. Please forward this email to your friends and tell them to join the campaign:

http://www.getup.org.au/campaign/NowYouAnswerToUs <http://www.getup.org.au/campaign/nowyouanswertous%20>

As we write, the government is preparing to unveil a raft of new legislation that we deserve a say on. In the crucial period ahead, GetUp will help you take action on the major issues of the day. Stay tuned -- we are just getting started.

Thanks for being part of this,

David, Jeremy & the GetUp team


Action for Australia
www.getup.org.au <http://www.getup.org.au/>
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Request for Editing/Feedback and Update [Mar. 22nd, 2005|02:48 pm]

Hi All,

Craig and I met last week to discuss website/portal options and decided that we would go with his homemade portal, Portallus. We also decided that the first features we would work on are an 'About Us' section, a series of categorised links to sites for like-minded organisations and a (for now) manually created calendar of aggregated events for these groups in Melbourne.

I am busy collating groups and organisations we would like to promote/link to etc. If you are part of groups you would like us to link to and publicise events for please let me know (although I will already have major political parties etc on my list, see the series of links from this community info page to get an idea of where I'm at!) and they'll be added, providing they fit the Politivate bill :)

Craig is working on developing the website and completing these parts for our use.

So, currently it's all still pretty mundane work, however, we would love feedback or total rewriting of the following draft examples of the 'About Us' section:

Draft 1
"Welcome to Politivate. Politivate seeks to encourage communication and participation in the area of socially and environmentally responsible politics. We hope to do this by providing a forum for people with diverse political backgrounds, and varying extremes of experience and involvement with Australian politics. There are other people like you. This is the place to find them, share, learn, grow and have fun. Politivate does not represent any one political group or ideology, but rather provides a comfortable way to get involved in any area of progressive politics."

Draft 2
"Welcome to Politivate. Politivate seeks to encourage communication and participation in the area of socially and environmentally responsible politics. We hope to do this by providing a forum for people with diverse political backgrounds, and varying extremes of experience and involvement with Australian politics. There are other people like you. This is the place to find them, share, learn, grow and have fun."

There should also be a bit more along the lines of: "To learn more about who we are, how to get involved, or how to get your political group included in our listings, please click here." But we don't think that will be optional :)

Please give feedback or criticism or a rewrite, anything at all would be wonderful! Thank you :)
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Website Discussions [Mar. 2nd, 2005|10:26 am]

Hi all,

Due to crazy thespian related antics I have not yet completed much of the work that I'd wished to complete on this project. However, due to the assumed common understandings of the group that has met twice I am going to push on with investigating ways and means of implementing our ideas at the same time as (hopefully!) completing the documentation. This will hopefully get the ball rolling faster than it has thus far.

Therefore I'll be meeting with Craig next week to discuss open source portal-ish options for us to use in order to best create the online environment we have discussed. I'll post any results for discussion here once we have met.

Please remember that we are still looking for submissions for the Politivate logo etc. (see previous post).

Thank you :)
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Calling All Designers [Jan. 27th, 2005|08:02 am]

Hi All,

Are you, or do you know anyone with design abilities or aspirations?
If so, we need you!!!

We're looking for submissions for a logo design for Politivate. Some initial uses would centre around using this logo on post cards, stickers and posters to be distributed around the CBD and other locations encouraging people to visit the website. It would also appear on the website.

Now, admittedly we're giving you very little to work with. The Mission Statement and website are still works in progress, but we figure that people will still be able to do something.

We're looking for an eye catching logo design with the word Politivate as a (or the) central element. Any combination of the following phrases could work as a subtitle: connect, community, inspire, activate, empower, inform, learn. Please feel free to add your own wording, I'm sure you get the drift!!! Colours, images, layout, it's all up to you!!!

So please feel free to go crazy and submit one or hundreds (we can dream ;) of proposals for our perusal. I reckon we'll probably select a short list and then let you guys decide which one you like best....
But we can't do that until we have some submissions.
Email designs to hermia8 @ livejournal . com

Thank you!!!
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stuff is happening, really it is! [Nov. 16th, 2004|08:25 am]

Just to let all you faithful readers ... err... casual observers know that there is something happening on the Politivate front, albeit 'behind the scenes' in nature.

a 17 page, poor quality, vision and scope document has been drawn up by yours truly and tonight there will be a meeting of minds between those of you came to the first meeting to discuss its content.

once something (anything) has been agreed on it will be posted here and open for general comments. if you want to get involved at a more granular level please feel free to email hermia8@livejournal.com

'The evils which are endured with patience as long as they are inevitable, seem intolerable as soon as a hope can be entertained of escaping them'
- Alexis de Tocqueville
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Good Morning [Oct. 20th, 2004|03:33 pm]

And welcome.

This is the hurriedly written first entry for this community.
Your friendly community creator is hermia8.

This community hopes to be a sign of things to come.
Politivate wants to encourage you to:
* be political
* be involved
* be inspired
* many other things besides!

We want to do this by:
* organising meetings where people can talk
* organising presentations about different kinds of politics
* organising social gatherings for like minded people
* many other things besides!

Politivate is not a political party. We just want to make you see that we can all make a difference. We're here to help you make a difference.

We may not be a political party, but we do have a political inclination. We are angry about the reelection of the liberal/national coalition to government and we want to do something about it. We want to .... wait for it *drum roll* EMPOWER you people!!! We don't want despair, we want action. And we want you to know that you can help. In the way you feel is right for you. We want to show you as many options as we can. We want you to know you're not alone, help you make a change, and hopefully help you to enjoy yourself as well!!!

Please join this community and watch this space. There will be posts as our plans unveil. But we can't communicate them unless the community has members! So please sign up and join the ride.

If this sounds like something you are interested in helping out with then please contact hermia8 directly.

We look forward to the coming of positive change for the betterment of all.
Thank you :)
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