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Calling All Designers [Jan. 27th, 2005|08:02 am]


Hi All,

Are you, or do you know anyone with design abilities or aspirations?
If so, we need you!!!

We're looking for submissions for a logo design for Politivate. Some initial uses would centre around using this logo on post cards, stickers and posters to be distributed around the CBD and other locations encouraging people to visit the website. It would also appear on the website.

Now, admittedly we're giving you very little to work with. The Mission Statement and website are still works in progress, but we figure that people will still be able to do something.

We're looking for an eye catching logo design with the word Politivate as a (or the) central element. Any combination of the following phrases could work as a subtitle: connect, community, inspire, activate, empower, inform, learn. Please feel free to add your own wording, I'm sure you get the drift!!! Colours, images, layout, it's all up to you!!!

So please feel free to go crazy and submit one or hundreds (we can dream ;) of proposals for our perusal. I reckon we'll probably select a short list and then let you guys decide which one you like best....
But we can't do that until we have some submissions.
Email designs to hermia8 @ livejournal . com

Thank you!!!